We at Floorsavers, thrive to install all floors that will meet or exceed your expectations.  Our company vision and commitment is to provide complete product, surface preparation and installation methods that are to best practice specifications.  We are committed to ensure that your concrete and suitable substrate is well protected.   Our project advisors will provide a complete pre-project analysis report, manage our trained crews during installation, ensure proper cleanup and conduct a walk-through to ensure your post project expectations have been met.  Floorsavers will back our projects with a complete warranty against product failure, workmanship and delamination.

FS-Chem 200 - Is a multi-purpose high-build 100% solids, two-component cyclo-aliphatic-based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent all-around chemical resistance to alkalis, solvents, and most mineral acids including 70% sulfuric, 40% nitric and concentrated hydrochloric acid. FS-Chem 200 is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  

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FS-Chem 600 - 100% solids, multi-functional epoxy novolac system designed to give outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals including 98% sulfuric acid and most solvents. FS-Chem 600 is especially suitable in areas subject to high concentrations of acids such as metal plating, circuit board manufacturing, chemical processing and waste treatment plants.

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FS-Coat HB - High-build hard wearing three-part epoxy self-leveling floor coating that is reinforced with aluminum oxide for maximum hardness, strength and abrasion resistance. Can be applied to obtain a smooth glossy surface or a non-slip finish. Suitable for heavy duty use in both industrial and commercial applications for high traffic aisle ways. 

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Polished Concrete -  Floorsavers provides polished concrete services to the Southern Ontario, CA region. We deliver on both industrial dense hard floors and commercial high-end polish concrete finishes.  Please contact us today to speak with a Floorsavers project advisor​.

FS-Flake GS -  Multi-layer decorative floor consisting of vinyl flakes broadcasted on a pigmented epoxy floor coating and clear topcoat of epoxy or aliphatic polyurethane. The system produces a decorative, seamless floor that is easy to maintain and has good durability.  Ideally for general service areas and garage flooring applications.

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FS-Metallic HP - Floorsavers FS-Metallic 'High Performance' epoxy metallic technology is based on advanced “Pearl Pigment” formulation that is fully colour customizable.  Up to three coats application, these highly valued metallic pigments, with colour shifting properties, will create an exotic attractive floor like no other.

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FS-Coat 100 -  High performance 100% solids two-component epoxy floor coating.  Industrial grade strength with showroom like quality finish that is glossy, attractive and completely impermeable. It is ideal for general service areas with excellent abrasion resistance to traffic conditions. It is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency​.  
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FS-Mortar 100 - 100% solids, versatile epoxy mortar system designed to provide a seamless monolithic floor finish with outstanding resistance to a broad range of heavy traffic loads. FS-Mortar 100 is our best industrial floor option to restore damaged concrete floors.  Ideal for shipping/receiving areas,drive aisle ways, various floor patching.

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